Maps and Travel

Please consult this page of the UCC website for information regarding travel to the campus via bus, train, or car (or bicycle!). GPS coordinates are also provided here:

This page provides maps of the campus:


All plenary sessions (with the exception of Sinéad Morrissey’s poetry reading) will be held in the west wing of the original university building (the main ‘quad’, 56 on campus map), and all paper panels will be in the O’Rahilly Building (ORB, 62 on campus map), which is on the southeast corner of the main campus, next to Boole library, across from the main quad, the nineteenth-century heart of the campus.

O’Rahilly can be a confusing maze. Directional signs leading you to the conference rooms will be posted and conference personnel will be around looking for the lost. There are also maps of the building plan near every stairwell/lift. I have to consult them regularly and my office is in the building!

Flying from abroad/Travelling from Dublin

Cork airport is very near UCC (about 5 miles away). A list of airports from which it is possible to fly into Cork airport is available here: Taxis are readily available, and bus route 226 takes you from the airport to the bus station in town.

If you are flying into Dublin, there are frequent buses and train between the cities.

This is the link to the website for the Irish bus service, Bus Éireann:

This is the link to the website for Irish Rail, Iarnód Éireann (which is much easier to use than the bus site): Always check this site for online deals!

This direct, express (private) bus service is inexpensive (especially if booked online ahead of time) and fast:


If you are coming (by foot) from town or one of the nearer B&B’s, you will enter the main gates at the corner of Western Road and Donovan’s Road. You will cross a beautiful old bridge and will then pass the stunning, award-winning Glucksman Gallery on your right. Climb the stairs then to your left and the large new grey stone and glass building straight ahead of you (the entrance is slightly to your right) is O’Rahilly. You will pass the President’s Garden on your right and the student centre on your left. For wheelchair access, follow all of these directions, but continue past the stairs and the garden, then go left at the first opportunity (once you’ve entered the car park) and straight ahead to the building. The President’s Garden will now be on your left and the old stone quad building will be on your right.

If you are coming from Victoria Lodge on foot, you will be walking via Western Road (though it is also possible to come via College Road). Turn right at Gaol Cross (there is a convenience/sweet shop called ‘The Station’ on the corner, painted in Pre-Raphaelite shades of dark blue and purple–I feel confident that is the first time ‘Pre-Raphaelite’ has been used to describe the shop). Cross the river, go left (a slight climb for a while) through the original stone entrance to the university. Continue to climb, then make a gentle right and walk through the gothic archway of the large grey stone building (the main quad). When you emerge, you will be facing the library across the grassy expanse of the quad. O’Rahilly will be to the left of the library.

If you are arriving by the 208 bus, there are two UCC stops on Western Road. If you get off for the first stop, follow the directions through the main gate above. If you miss that stop, be sure to get off at the next one, then continue on to Gaol Cross and make a left at ‘The Station’ sweet shop (see directions above). If you are arriving by the 205 bus, you will alight on College Road behind the main campus, After you have disembarked, cross the road and go to your right until you are nearly to the corner (where there is a traffic light) and enter the campus at the last available gate to your left. You will enter a tree-filled courtyard and now O’Rahilly is all around you. Get inside!

This page of the UCC website provides some bus-specific information:


Visitor parking on campus is very expensive. If you can walk or take the bus, I recommend it. On Saturday, it may be possible to use (free) non-visitor parking, but there is no guarantee.

Here is the link to parking information on the UCC website:

By car from Victoria Lodge, follow the walking directions above, but before the bridge over the river, there is visitor’s parking to your left in Perrott’s Inch Car Park.

By car from town, you will be approaching via Washington Street (which becomes Lancaster Quay which becomes Western Road). Make a left onto Donovan’s Road (at the main entrance to the university, just after the green gables of Garnish House to your right) and at the light at the top of this narrow, steep road make a right and then an immediate left and you will see the entrance for another of the visitor car parks on your right. This is another Perrott’s Car Park and is directly across from the rear entrance to the O’Rahilly Building.

More Maps

I have attached the only map of Cork City I could find (click to enlarge) that takes in everything from Kent train station (in the upper right quadrant), to Victoria Lodge (labelled and marked with a red ‘X’ at the far left of the map, just below the intersection of Victoria Cross and Carrigrohane Roads). The bus station is marked as number 15 on a map clearly intended as a guide to Rory Gallagher’s Cork (!). I have also labelled and marked the O’Rahilly Building, in the lower left quadrant of the map, toward the middle (at the far east end of College Road).


Please click here a map of the conference venues:  Eco Conference Venues


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