Call for Papers: Ecopoetical Wallace Stevens

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CFP: Ecopoetical Stevens?


The Wallace Stevens Society invites abstracts for papers for the 2015 American Literature Association Conference (May 21-24, 2015; Boston, MA)


Recent criticism is increasingly returning to Wallace Stevens’ poetry through the lenses developed by “ecocriticism,” “ecopoetics,” “environmental criticism,” and posthumanist “animal studies.” How do these theoretical apparatuses and methodologies recast Stevens’ poetry of nature, landscape, and animal life, so long regarded as typical of his postromantic aesthetic? How does Stevens fit into the poetic traditions and genealogies developed by ecocritics? How does he invite such critics in turn to modify and complicate their theoretical perspectives and historical scenarios? This panel invites contributions from a variety of angles and subdisciplines within the booming fields of ecocriticism and animal studies.


Please send 250-word abstracts and a brief bio to Natalie Gerber at gerber@fredonia.edu, no later than October 15, 2014.


Our featured poet goes from strength to strength

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Sinéad Morrissey, the conference’s featured poet, has won the Irish Times ‘Poetry Now’ award for the second time.


A big thank you!

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One more thank you to everyone who made the conference a success. The delegates first and foremost, followed by the keynote speakers and the student helpers! Our sponsors were also vital: UCC School of English, UCC Department of Sociology, University of Missouri-St Louis, Cork University Press, and our greatest booster, Failte Ireland. http://www.meetinireland.com/Home.aspx

Please avail of the UCC gym facilities while here!

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The Mardyke Arena has an impressive array of facilities, and day passes are available:


Publication CFP from one of our conference delegates

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Literary Oracle: A Refereed, Peer-reviewed Journal of Literary Insight

ISSN 2348 – 4772
Volume I. Number 2
July-December 2014
Dear Friends

Thank you very much for the huge and encouraging response to the first issue of Literary Oracle. It will be published late June 2014.

Now is the time to remind you of the Special Issue !


FOR THE SPECIAL ISSUE ON “War, Violence, and Ethnicity”

Two World Wars were fought within a gap of 31 years in the 20th century. In fact, 2014 completes 100 years of the beginning of the First world War, signifying the need for reassessment of the life we have lived, the literature the world has produced, and the ideologies humanity has both eschewed and cherished in relation to war as such as a historical fact during the last one hundred years.

The literature of the 20th century was reduced to dramatizing twin activities – i.e., either giving expression to the sense of loss over the ravages of the war or highlighting man’s search for order/form in every sphere of human experience, illustrated by the rise of New Criticism, as epitomized in the lines of W. B. Yeats: “Things fall apart/And the centre cannot hold.”

But, alongside this, developments have taken place in various fronts all over the world:

i)             Politically, many colonies achieved freedom, thrusting forward “postcolonialism” as a global issue of socio-cultural, political, economic, and ideological significance.

ii)           The rise of “United Nations” helped promote international mobility which also engendered ethnicity as an issue of global significance.

iii)         The rise of terrorism as a global phenomenon ex emplified in 9/11.

iv)          Many other wars during the last 100 years, such as Vietnam war, gulf war, US’s organised attacks on Iraq and Afganistan have illustrated various ethnic, political and fundamentalist concerns.

The literature written over the last 50 years have addressed these concerns in spite of the shadows of the two World Wars.

This issue of The Literary Oracle shall be a special issue devoted to explaining the following in the the mainstream literature of the last 100 years:

(a)The impact of the two World Wars on the mainstream literature of the last 100 years

(b)The ethnicity and the terrorist violence perpetuated in spite of the receding shadows of the two big wars.

(c)The woes related to other wars.

Well-written articles, prepared strictly in conformity with the 7th edition of MLA Handbook   from senior academics and diligent scholars can be submitted for peer-reviwing and possible publication.


About the Journal and Other rules of submission:

Literary Oracle is a biannual, double-blind and peer-reviewed international journal of scholarly publications in the fields of arts, aesthetics, culture, and literature. It intends to bring out one general and one special number in a year. The general number will include insightful pieces of critical endeavour in the areas of different genres and disciplines and the special number will be devoted to either an author or a specific subject of social, ideological, and artistic relevance. The anonymity of the articles and essays will be strictly maintained for peer reviewing and the selection for publication will be made purely on the basis of the experts’ comments. The comments of the reviewers will be passed on to the authors and no further communication will be entertained with regard to the items found unworthy of publications. However, the secrecy of the reviewers’ comments will be scrupulously maintained.

Book Reviews : Fiction, Non-fiction and Poetry are solicited and will be accepted with a copy of the book reviewed addressed to the Editor.

Since the enterprise entails certain expenses besides the editorial engagements at different stages of publication, those selected for publication will require a subsidy of Rs. 1500/- ( 26 UDS / 19 EUR). Subscription charges are Rupees 500/- [9 USD/ 6 EUR] per annum (for two issues). The payments made by demand drafts or direct transfer of money through Bank to the Account of Authorspress , New Delhi, only will be accepted. Each contributor will receive a free copy of the Journal. A scanned copy of the receipt of the amount deposited should be sent to editor.litoracle.com & CC. to authorspress@hotmail.com
The amount thus collected will be utilized for part payments to the printer and to the peer reviewers. The quality of the published materials and that of the Journal in terms of production will be compatible in every respect. No compromise will be made with quality at any level.
Literary Oracle is launched keeping in view the urgent requirement of the growing teachers and scholars for a credible platform for publication of their scholarly endeavors. The purpose is exclusively academic and singularly favorable to fostering a robust quality in research and publication across the globe. Keeping this in mind, the Journal will have an Editorial Board and Advisory Board comprising scholars and teachers of international renown from both India and abroad. The panel of reviewers will have accomplished teachers, scholars, and writers in a variety of areas in the field of literary study. The representation in these bodies will rotate every two years.
Submissions are solicited for the first general number from scholars, teachers, and writers. The manuscripts should follow the latest edition of MLA Handbook/MLA style sheet for reference, and other related matters (no notes or foot notes please) and should be in about 3000/4000 words Times New Roman 12 font. The Articles should have a cover/title page with the writer’s name address etc. The article must be original and not have been submitted elsewhere for publication or consideration for publication.
The soft copies should be accompanied with a declaration about originality stating that the said article is their own and that they bear sole responsibility for plagiarism if any and has not been submitted elsewhere for publication and should also include a short Bio of the writer in about 150 words. The copyright of the Journal remains with the publisher while the copyright of the article remains with the writer.
Addressed to :
Dr Shruti Das
Associate Professor
Post Graduate Department of English
Berhampur University
Email: editor.litoracle@gmail.com
Queries regarding subscriptions and any financial matters should be addressed to
The last date for submissions for the general number will be 30th March

And the last date for submissions for the special number will be 30th September each year.
Shruti Das, Editor

Last date of submission: 30th SEPTEMBER 2014

Oona Frawley’s Novel is RTE’s Book on One

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Please listen to excerpts from the recently published novel, Flight, by one of our conference speakers, Oona Frawley: